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The following pages will help you to get to know Nia better and better – from totally different aspects!

To provide a short overview I have put together a few brief questions and succinct answers for you. Maybe you have already asked yourself precisely one of these questions...

What is Nia?

Nia is a powerful, exciting mix of martial arts, dance, yoga and healing therapies. Nia is a form of training that focuses on body, mind and soul in equal parts, thus offering opportunities for personal development. Nia is not a fixed pattern of moves - Nia is a journey.


Is Nia more fitness or wellness?

Both, because Nia is holistic, combining moves, theories and philosophies from eastern and western cultures. The explosive power of traditional martial arts such as aikido and taekwondo; the flow and concentration of tai chi; the spontaneity of modern and ethnic dances; the dynamism of yoga and the healing approach of bodily therapies. This diversity makes it possible for Nia to be both sweat-inducing fitness and pure relaxation.


What effect does Nia have?

Thanks to its varied forms of movement Nia is a sure way to achieve more strength, flexibility, balance, attractiveness and relaxation. It results in better posture and is an excellent cardio-training.


Who can do Nia?

Nia classes can be adjusted to meet the participants’ level of training, age and interests. This means that Nia is suitable for all age groups and, independent of the individual’s level of training, is an experience for all. No prior knowledge is required!


Is it also competitive?

Nia is not about performance but primarily about learning to know and understand our own bodies; to experience our potential and to provide ourselves with a means of expression. Perception, feeling, letting go and letting ourselves be inspired and moved by a wide range of music styles – that’s what Nia can give you….


Why do you dance barefoot when you do Nia?

Martial arts are an integral element of Nia. When Nia founders Debbie and Carlos Rosas discovered tai chi as a form of movement for their training they identified a key fact – you can only really experience your body when you’re barefoot, since 7 000 nerves end in each foot and their feedback is key to our motor coordination.


Could Nia be of interest to me too?

Nia is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and get back to their roots. All the moves can be done at varying degrees of difficulty. This means that anyone who can walk to my lessons can also join in!


What do I need to join in? 



What does Nia stand for?

Debbie and Carlos Rosas began to develop Nia in 1983. In 1987 Nia was presented to the aerobics industry as “Non-impact aerobics”. Over time the training’s focus shifted to experiencing the joy of life, power and relaxation and the new name “Neuromuscular Integrative Action” was developed. Today we just say “Nia”. 


How do I do Nia with Ann?

Simply come along to one of my lessons. All you need are comfortable clothes. A session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and includes an intensive warm-up; lots of dance and a “daily focus”. A little dedication is the most important thing. If you like music then Nia is definitely right for you!


What can I do if there are no Nia classes in my area?

If you have the time and inclination you can also take part in a Nia Intensive Training, a seven-day Nia training course, as an absolute beginner. This so-called “White Belt”, the first level of Nia education, is open to all. Participants whose first experience of Nia is a week-long course are often inspired and wowed afterwards – and carry on!