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Nia 52 Moves Training in Johannesburg (South Africa) 11/19

Nia 52 Moves Training in Johannesburg (South Africa) 11/19

15 Hume Rd, Dunkeld West, Randburg, 2196, Südafrika
Sat, 16/11/2019 (All day) to Sun, 17/11/2019 (All day)

16.11.2019 – 17.11.2019 Nia 52 Moves Training in Johannesburg (South Africa)
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Nia 52 Moves
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Nia's 52 movements have been distilled through 30 years of somatic exploration to represent the best in holistic body-mind-emotion-spirit conditioning. Nia's movements originate from diverse modalities spanning dance, martial arts and therapeutic practices.

Practiced in isolation and integrated with systemic movement, Nia 52 Moves are proven to physically condition the body and enhance movement skill. Regularly practiced, they enhance propioception and perceptual motor skills represented in flexibility, mobility, agility, stability and strength.

This training is ideal for those wanting to learn more about how to condition their body and develop movement skill. Beginner to advanced movers will find value in the 2-day movement intensive.

The focus of the 2-day training is the art of conditioning applied to the body's base, core and upper extremities.

How to coach yourself to move better and feel better is the basis of the program in terms of exercise science. Through the process of learning how to isolate each move using three distinct levels of range of motion in your joints you will learn how to achieve 4 types of conditioning.

Coordinator Information
Name: Sue Sloan
Phone: 27 11 880 5223

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