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Nia and Mindfulness

Nia and Mindfulness 

COMMON GROUND Both mindfulness meditation as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Nia are concerned with observing but not continuously judging our own actions, moves and physical sensations. Both meditation and Nia achieve this by also remaining aware of ourselves after the training session and acting according to our own intuition and frame of mind. Life without continual pressure to perform – that’s mindfulness. Sport without continual pressure to perform – that’s Nia!

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF NIA Because Nia incorporates many dance-based and expressive elements you will have the chance to really let go of your feelings. Aggressive combat chants during the punches and kicks or the exaggerated show gestures during the jazz dance segment – Nia offers enough room for experimental moves, childlike silliness and dramatic expressions of feelings. This is both liberating and also trains us to experience our daily lives with more joy – as well as also not to always take our feelings too seriously. And there’s more – many mindfulness training sessions incorporate movement and relaxation as aids to living more mindfully. Nia sessions will not only provide you with both but will also make you stronger, more affirmative and fitter while still remaining in the zone. 

WHAT NIA CAN OFFER YOUR MINDFULNESS Nia can be a fantastic supplement for anyone who practices Mindfulness Stress Reduction or any other form of stress reduction technique. Mindfulness is, of course, not about physical fitness. Nia is, however, the right address for anyone who would like to do sport mindfully. Not only do the individual segments of sessions offer a very varied range of movement patterns, you will also be continuously asked to think about how you are feeling; about what moves you want to do and how energetically or calmly you want to do so. This space and freedom, which is further intensified during short free dance segments, is the perfect training method care for yourself and your body mindfully.

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