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Nia from Anniann

"Ann Christiansen is a dancing mermaid! At the age of 7 she started to swim in a local club in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has participated in European & World Championships and 1984 she swam in the Los Angeles Olympic Games. In 1998 she became a World Champion in masters swimming in the events 400 freestyle, 400 IM and 800 freestyle.

After the Olympics in 1984 Ann started a modeling career that took her around the world. She lived for five years in Tokyo 1987-1992.

Returning to Europe, Ann started to study Applied Kinesiology, Massage Therapy and alternative healing techniques covering subjects like Sound Therapy, 7-Chi.keys, Chakra Balancing, Nutritional Kinesiology to mention a few.She had a 10 year carrier as a therapist also being on the staff of the Swedish National Swimteam 1996-1997.

In 1998 Ann discovered Nia and travelled to Portland for her first Nia White Belt Intensive, she was the first Nia teacher in Germany- in June of 2001 she received her Nia Black Belt."

Since January 2003 Ann gives Nia Trainings, the White Belt Intensive, in her native Sweden,Finland,UK Germany (where she lives) and in Switzerland.

She teaches the Nia whitebelt in German, English and Swedish.